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Current Projects


Women Support Fund:

Endowment Fund at the Foundation of the University of Hawaii

In 2019 we created our own Endowment Fund, Kobe-Honolulu Women Support Fund, within the Foundation of the University of Hawaii, in collaboration with two other NPO organizations: Foundation of the Kobe International Medical Alliance, and Women Support Center of Hawaii. This fund is used to support research at the Women's and Children's Hospital in Honolulu.Next fiscal year, nealy $2000 will be donated.

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The Japanese Ethos:
A Study of National Character

First English Translation of
​byYasuoka Masahiro

The Japanese Ethos was originally published in 1924. It is the seminal work of Yasuoka Masahiro, who was a dominant philosopher and intellectual beacon during Japan's transition into the modern era.

Please purchase your copy today!


Kyudojo Project and Yabusame in Honolulu 2026:
Building  Hawaii's First  Japanese Traditonal Archery Facility for Public Use, and Bringing Yabusame to Hawaii in 2026

Inspired by the upcoming Hawaii visit of Young Master Kiyomoto Ogasawara, the 32nd generation of martial arts instructors, we are developing a kyudo practice facility (kyudojo) that will be open to anyone seeking to practice this moral, spiritual, and physical martial discipline.

Please click the Kyudojo picture above for a short introductory video.

If you know of a suitable site , or would like to otherwise help on the Kyudojo Prodect, we would like to hear from you. 

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