Who We Are Honolulu Foundation believes that Hawai'i is a special place where racial, social, and philosophical justice should be universally valued and protected; unblemished by prejudice. It is from this microcosm, a physical and cultural bridge between East and West on which our message of peace and enlightenment can be spread.

Our Mission Our mission is to promote interest in, and understanding of Japan by introducing to Hawai'i thoughts and works little known outside of Japan; especially those conveying Japanese values and aiming at a world with harmony among all peoples and the environment.

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Canta! Timor

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October 28, 2018

Doors Open 1:30pm

2:00 - 4:30 pm

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Hesodo Seminar

With Fumiko Irie

November 8, 2018

3:00 - 5:00 pm

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Hesodo Workshop

With Fumiko Irie

New Otani Kaimana Beach Hotel

November 10 - 11, 2018

9:30am - 6:00 pm

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Past Events

A Life-Long Spiritual Journey: the Ultra-Running Monk

Acharya Ryojun Shionuma December 13, 2014

Acharya Ryojun Shionuma is a renowned teacher who has completed two of the most ascetic practices of the Shugendo tradition: the Omine Sennichi Kaihogyo and the Shimugyo. After finishing those rites, he rounded the Jigenji (Merciful Eye Temple) in a small village close to the city of Sendai, Japan. He regularly gives conferences in different parts of Japan, as well as overseas.

Ladakh: Little Tibet in India

Skarma Gurmet November 8th, 2014

Skarma Gurmet, a native Ladakhi, has worked extensively with NPO's including: with the Leh Nutrition Project of 'The Save the Children Fund(UK)', monitoring and evaluation activities for other NGO's, and was the South India project manager for LIFE Tokyo. In 2004, he established the NGO Julay Ladakh in Tokyo to promote understanding between Ladakh and Japan, thru sustainable, eco-friendly development through international cooperation.

Sound Therapy: Aika in Hawaii

Aika November 28, 2014

Aika is a multi-talented therapist, opera singer, and songwriter. Having studied opera at the Osaka College of Music, in Milan and New York, Aika made her opera debut performing Micaela in Carmen at the prestigious Tokyo Nikkai Opera Performances. Now she performs concerts and seminars all over the world including, Italy, Germany, Australia, England, Mongol, Korea, and Sinapore.

Emotive Brain: Conversations with a Brain Scientist

Dr. Kenichiro Mogi April 21, 2013

Kenichiro Mogi is a Japanese brain scientist, the senior researcher at Sony Computer Science Laboratories, and a visitng professor at both the Tokyo Institute of Technology and the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. Following his post-doctral study at Cambridge University, he won the prestigious Kobayahi Hideo Prize for his book, Brain and Imagination and was awarded the Kuwabara Takeo Prize for his book, Now, From Here to Everywhere. He has publiced over 20 books, and regularly serves as a commentator on NHK's The Professional.

Formula of Love

Dr. Kunio Yasue September 21, 2013

Kunio Yasue is the Japanese mathematical physicist, quantum physicist, and brain scientist who discovered the Yasue Equation. In addition to his position as a professor at the Notre Dame Seishin University in Okayama, he is an author on topics ranging from physics to aikido, and practitioner of his own brand of Aikido, dubbed "The way to Ai(love) ki(soul)."

Bonds of Love with the Dying: Thinking about death from both sides

Dr. Hideko Suzuki November 13, 2011

Dr. Hideko Suzuki is the author of the Japanese sensation, Messages from the Dying, which inspired the NHK documentary "Key Words to Finding Happiness". She is a sister of the Society of the Sacred Heart, and Chairwoman of the International Communion Society. In addition to having taught at Stanford University and the Sacred Heart Girls University of Japan, Dr. Suzuki conducts numerous seminars and workshops in Japan and around the world on the meaning of life.

The Art of Sacred Mandalas

Kaho Koinuma & Vidya Yuka Jan 24, 2010

Mandala artist Kaho Koinuma, famous for creating pintillistic original drawings inspired by prayer and devotion, shares how mandalas refelct the true nature of all things, help her navigate thru life's challenges, and discover the truth of her own being.

The Hawaii Premiere of: The Miracle of the Gifted Quarter

Director Fumiko Irie November 14, 2010

Experience the Hawaii Premiere of the heart-warming, eye-opening documentary, which has inspired an international following. The event will be moderated by the movie's director: Fumiko Irie. The documentary follows the insightful narrative of what mentally challenged children, a forgotten segment in our school population, has to tech us about our own lives.

Living Now in Prayer

Hatsume Sato November 16, 2008

Hatsume Sato has earned numerous awards and accollades for her life long commitment to social welfare and community based educational activities, including one from the International Soroptimist Society, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of women and girls in more than 120 nations around the world.

Art by Sachiko Adachi

Sachiko Adachi October 23-25, 2008

Sachiko Adachi, a Tokyo native and Waseda University graduate, transcended conventional art concepts when she introduced her Cosmic Art to the world in the 1980's. In 1993, Ms. Adachi launched her own gallery, Space Sachi in Tokyo. Though she passed away just one day before its opening the Cosmic Art style remains a strong influnece in major art venues today.

Peace Concert: A Composition for Hawaii

Naoki Nishimura October 21, 2008

Naoki Nishimura is renowned for his beautiful meditative melodies promoting peace. He has performed around the world including at New York City's Carnegie Hall, the United Nations, as well as the Vatican City, for Pope John Paul II.

Morio Matsui: From Paris to Hawaii

Morio Matsui February 23, 2008

Morio Matsui graduated from the Muashino college of Fine Arts in Tokyo before continuing his training in France at the Academie Julian and later at the Ecole des Beaux Arts. Having lived in Corsica for the past ten years, he is the first Japanese artist to whom France hs awarded the title of "Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres" and "Bhevalier de la Legion d'Honneur" for his remarkable contribution to the development of Franco-Japanese cooperation in cultural matters. When he met Picasso, Picasso said "This fellow has eyes of a feverish fight with real swords such that I might be outstripped some time."

Hawaii Premiere of Gaia Symphony No. 3

Nainoa Tompson and Director Jin Tasumura October 27-28, 2007

The "Gaia Symphony" documentary series was created by Japanese director, Jin Tasumura. Its inspiration was the idea that the Earth is a living organism which has its own mind and that humans take an active role in realizing. Gaia Symphony No. 3 features the late Alaskan photographer, Michino Hoshino; physicist and professor of the institute for advanced study at Princeton, Dr. Freeman Dyson; and Hawaii's own Nainoa Thompson, navigator of the Hawaiian voyaging canoe, Hokule'a. The film explores at connections between the peoples of the Pacific, Alaska, Hawai'i, and northern Japan, from ancient times through the present day, via the stories of those peoples, and images of the vast ocean.

Talk with Akiko Yamakawa

Akiko Yamakawa July 9, 2006

Akiko Yamakawa is a Tokyo native and graduate of Tokyo University. Her illustrious portfolio as a translator of english books for japanese audiences include: Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, The Celestine Prophecy and Out on a Rim by James Redfield, and Camino by Shirley McLane. She hosts workshops and seminars both individually, and with her husband, Koya Yamakawa.

Finding your Inner Power: Lessons from Tempu Nakamura

Ryohei Kamiwatari December 9, 2006

Critically-acclaimed, best-selling author Ryohei Kamiwatari discusses his thoughts on the essence of Tempu Nakamura's teachings, Tempu Philosophy, why it's so intriguing, and how it has profoundly influenced his own life. Tempu Nakamura was one of the preeminent thinkers of modern Japan who developed the philosophy of Shinoshin Toitsu. His life philosophy has influenced many, including prominent leaders, such as former Prime Minister Takashi Hara, and John D Rockfeller III.

Ongoing Projects

Masanori Minami

This project is ongoing. Please check back at a later time. For more information on the artist, please visit VDMFK Int'l

Japanese Ethos

The Japanese Ethos was originally published in 1924. It is the seminal work of Yasuoka Masahiro, and was written to guide Japan to a promising future through the wisdom of ancient teachings. In it, Yasuoka describes a history and tradition nurtured for more than 2000 years. The moral examples depicted are primarily Samurai, and he discusses in detail the character traits a samurai must cultivate. In later chapters he gives examples of men of great character. Two chapters address Kendō (sword fighting), whose spirit “became the foundation of all the arts, letters and of Eastern thought”. The Samurai Spirit was the leading force for the Meiji Restoration and is the essence of this book.

For Japan, which lost much of its culture after World War II, “Japanese Ethos” awakened a nation from slumber. Though written nearly a century ago, it is surprisingly current and makes us ponder what it truly means to be Japanese.

Crowned by a letter of condolence from Emperor Hirohito, Yasuoka Masahiro’s funeral in January 1984, a month after his private services, was attended by every living Japanese prime minister and top business and political leaders from Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. The funeral services were overseen by Kishi Nobusuke, a former prime minister, and public eulogies were led by then-current Prime Minister Nakasone Yasuhiro. As a private scholar-advisor to many of those in attendance, Yasuoka had a major influence on modern Japanese history.

Yasuoka Masahiro [1898-1983] was a dominant philosopher and intellectual beacon during Japan’s transition into the modern era. Despite his extraordinary stature in Japan, he remains largely unknown to the western world because his works were never translated into other languages. The Japanese Ethos is the first English translation of one of his major works.

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